How We Do It

ModPC was aware that the market was missing something when we first decided to create our sleeving products. Tired of the same fraying, snagging and poor quality paracord that people had been using to sleeve, ModPC set out to revolutionize the computer cables industry with its own take on the sleeving material.

ModPC sleeve is dense, ensuring that your wires don’t show through the sleeve.
It’s tight, ensuring a uniform appearance and a snug fit to your wires.
It expands and contracts beautifully, for an easy threading experience.
It’s high quality, promising that your sleeving isn't going to fray when you thread a cable through it. Only the highest quality European PET is used, not some cheap knock-off variant.

Then the realization hit; people may not want to put the time and effort into sleeving their entire power supplies. ModPC set out to create their own complete cable extension kits; using only the highest quality ModPC sleeve, the end result was a stunningly beautiful extension that a customer could purchase in their choice of colour, getting all of the benefits of a sleeved power supply cable with none of the hassle. ModPC; Accept no imitations. Innovate. Never Compromise.