Our Story

ModPC was founded with the mission of providing the industry's best computer internal cable solutions. Since its establishment, the company has remained faithful to its mission, of which is outlined below:

The above company are a team of PC Modification and Overclocking experts, whom have studied the emerging markets for a number of years.  The business consists of 'enthusiasts' whom cater for other computing enthusiasts, which require 'only the best'. This is borne out by the company motto which forms the line 'Innovate, Never Compromise'. This means that the ethos of the company, shall never compromise on their deliverance of high quality, exciting and innovative products.

Their first product line, which forms the first tier of the new product range has already been awarded high scores on many review sites and as such they will build upon this in order to launch further products.

In short and to reiterate their motto, they innovate and will NOT accept compromises.

ModPC is a brand under the ownership of Shakmods Ltd. Established to hold the ModPC brand and potentially other creative projects within the same company, Shakmods Ltd is owned and operated by the same people who own and run ModPC.