6MM / Matte Solid Expandable Sleeve - 1 Meter

6MM / Matte Solid Expandable Sleeve - 1 Meter

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Gloss is not always boss.

ModPC Matte Solid Expandable Sleeve has a proprietary blend of some of the finest threads in the world.

We spent the last six months searching for a durable, long-lasting material that withstands harsh UV light, extended exposure to heat while maintaining a much requested flat finish. After several dozen testing periods with various samples, we discovered the perfect solution for our new Matte Sleevings.

You spoke up, and we listened. As always, at ModPC we carefully make calculated cable covers.

Braided expandable sleeving is the ideal solution for tidying up case wiring and achieving a professional look in your case.
The ModPC sleeve has a super tight weave so the cable inside remains unseen giving an overall quality look to your build.