Front Panel 30cm Sleeved Extension Cable Set

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These cables originate from the Modpc sleeved cable series, these sets are 30cm long and the individual cables are sleeved with high quality black nylon braid.

Modpc Front Panel Extension Cable Kit is a complete cable kit of the all the cables you would need for larger cases and Modding project. The cables are 300mm (11.8 inches) and include the speaker, power switch, reset switch, HDD LED, and power LED cables.

This particular set of cable extensions are used to extend the motherboard connectors from the front panel to make the cables more aesthetically pleasing and improve cable management which will greatly improve airflow within the case.


  • Extends the reach of your front panel connectors
  • High quality, individually sleeved cables
  • Braided cables help achieve a neat cabling solution for the internals of your PC